Radio interview

Report 15 July
By Thecla en Benno

All the people on the campsite visit us this morning, the collection tin is well filled and our neighbor, Louisa has made sure that there is an interview on the radio with Dirk on the favorite Sunday morning program Macca in all of Australia for 4.5 minutes. Thanx!
Then we drive carefully towards Rainbow Beach. The boys are again alert in the Model T-Ford and regularly feel the temperature of the differential. Many hills and even sharp slopes have to be taken there, but everything stays out of two popping sounds, okay.
Also only the high gear ring is still used. The Rainbow Beach has beautiful pastel colors where we drive along the beach with the Land Rover.
Then we look for a campsite by the sea. Wonderful site with another colorful sunset. We speak to other camping guests who give us a lot of information about how and what about Fraser Island. Tomorrow we will see if we can actually go there.

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