Real mecanics

Report 22 June
By Thecla

At the crack of the day risen and after breakfast the men start with tinkering.
Build up with all kinds of improvised tools. Trudy’s world kitchen must also believe, as well as found buckets, cardboard boxes, wood plates, jerry cans, boulders, steel angle profiles and so on. Everything that can be found on this campground. The acial bearings of the crown wheel are adjusted as the pinion, crown wheel, by means of different thickness gaskets. With the four of us we lift the rear axle to its place where we put it in place step by step. Plopppp !!!

At the end of the afternoon miracle oh miracle the T-Ford is back together and drives its first test round. The men are reasonably satisfied. In particular, the braking system still has to be vented and all kinds of other points have to be put on the i.

A hard day with a temperature of 30 degrees, but then you have rolling stock. The men also come back from their test drive with a big smile.

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