Report 26 September

By Angela

Santa Lucia – La Junta

the globe

In the morning we say goodbye to our host in Santa Lucia.

goobye from our host

hostal in Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a quiet village with a few people in the street and happily not much dogs.

The sky was beautiful for taking some pictures

view of Santa Lucia

The way to La Junta was bumpy and not paved (of course). We drove 75 km in 4 hours. People are working hard on the road to make it better. They often stopped Watson to take some pictures. It was a nice day

Hosteria of Juan Carlos and Adrian in La Juntaworkers on the road

on the roadbridge over troubled water

In La Junta we find a nice hosteria, warm stoves and beds with knispering sheeets. Also very nice for a change. And the laundry could be done. Also very fine. Dried above the stove. Tomorrow we have a day off.

We walked along the village and dined at the hosteria.

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