September 17 – day 88

Today is was it the departure day of the team Arnaud & Casper but before this we Arnaud, Casper, Jon en Renzo made a daytrip towards the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
Dirk and Trudy used this day to make some adjustments to the T-ford and Land Rover one of these adjustments was to place the freshly flown in steringbar, so the cars are ready to go for the trip towards the border of Tanzania.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is next to the Nairobi National park which is a remarkable park on its own because it is situated next to Nairobi. After a short drive of about 20 minutes we were in a completely different surrounding, the temperature is quiet higher than in the city and the noise makes place for a serene quietness.
The organisation is dedicated to protection and the preservation of the Africa’s wilderness, and in particular endangered species like the elephant and the black rhino, the way they do this is to give shelter to orphaned animals.

The park is open everyday for about 1 hour in which they feed the elephants in 2 sessions. First the young elephants are up for the feeding from, which the youngest was brought in when it was when it was just 2 weeks old, the parents of the animals are pouched for their ivory.
It was really funny to see how these animals where fed by means of a large bottle. After a few pictures we were driven back to the hotel with our cab driver Benson2. Before the departure of Arnaud and Casper we had a few beers next to the pool and afterwards a lovely diner at the hotel. At 18:30 it was time to say goodbye from Arnaud and Casper they were driven towards the airport by our cab driver Benson2.

Tomorrow is the first trip for Jon and Renzo.

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