September 22 – day 93

This morning our driver was already at 06:00 at the lobby of our hotel, it was a short night. He wanted to go in the Serengeti early, so he could show us animals which aren’t that active during the day. After again a quick ride over the dusty roads of the Serengeti, we ended up in a completely different environment lost of green and water. Saw beautiful animals like an large elephant who came very close to the car. After a short breakfast for breakfast we went deeper into the Serengeti, on 1 of the roads we came across a hunting party of 4 lions, for the gazelle it walked away!, but we left 4 not so amused lions behind us. The driver drove us to a Cheetah which was resting under a tree, what a beautiful animal. At around 2 we drove to the next park the ngorongoro crater. After a fast trip we arrived at the lodge , Wow what a view. After a quick bath we joined the other people in the restaurant for the buffet again a good meal. We went early to bed so we would be fresh for the trip through the crater.

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