September 25 – day 96

his morning we had a very nice last breakfast at the family Morson, the trip is going towards the Kilimanjaro. We did get a few addresses of friends of Gwynne where could stay on our way. After 122 kilometres we reach Marangu near the Kilimanjaro we can see the mountain covered in the clouds.
We arrive at the hotel Marangu on the campus there is place to camp as well, we can choose because there are no other guest staying at the campsite, we pick a spot near the toilets and showers. After taking a nice cold Tusker we make camp.
In the evening we have a nice lasagne which we eat outside, an other game of “Jokeren” which Trudy wins again.
Dirk and Trudy are going to bed, Renzo and Jon take an other few beers we are allowed to play our own music so Johnny Cash is playing loudly out of the speakers, at around 2 and a lot of “letse erops” it is time to go to sleep. After getting out of the bar the temperature dropped to about 5 degrees, the writer of this had a very cold night.

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