September 28 – day 99

September 28

Today we leave towards Kilale. First we do get a tour around the wood factory, Marije shows us the wood saw machine and the still to be renovated chip board factory. After saying goodbye to the undertaking Dutch people we head off.
The road is full of potholes and everywhere there are road constructions, we don’t make a lot of kilometres. Renzo and Jon buy some coconuts at one of the numerous stands aside the road.
We arrive in Korogwe, at the only bank in town we need to get some money from the ATM, there is a long queue of people waiting, the machine is empty, after a half hour wait there is again some money in the machine, with some piles of banknotes we are good to go.
Along the way there we are thinking of doing the trip in 2 days, but after a while the road constructions pay off, the road changes into a perfect tarmac road, the landscape changes from dry and dusty to nice green Ackers. After putting the pedal to the metal, we arrive in Pongwe, from here it is a small 40 kilometres towards the coast town Kilale. With again a very detailed map from our friends from Arusha, we drive on. The road is bumpy and goes through several small villages, the local people can’t believe their eyes when the tford drives for by, everybody is enthusiastic and is waving.
After a small hour drive we see the sign Peponi beach resort, Denys the owner welcomes us and shows us the resort. We get 2 nice campsite spots next to the beach, great location. Denys says that we stay for free, great hospitality again.
Renzo and Jon are lucky they can use a tent which is already set up, Dirk and Trudy prepare the roof tent.
At night in the restaurant we have dinner at 19:00, Trudy takes the curry vegetables, rice and a very nice mango salad, Renzo, Dirk and Jon take the lobster from the grill accompanied with some fries and salad, its delicious.
At the bar we make an appointment to go snorkelling at the coral reef after several Tuskers and a bottle of wine we go to sleep early.

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