September 29 – day 100

After a good night rest, we are enjoying a breakfast and shower. We are ready to go snorkelling, after fitting the equipment we walk towards the boat named Pepi. We are the only 4 passengers together with 3 staff members. The equipment, food and drinks are brought aboard, it is nice sunny weather, because there is no wind the outboard motor is being used. After a small hour of sailing we arrive at the reef, the Anker is dropped and after a short instruction for Dirk and Trudy we go overboard the water is clear and warm. After several dives it turns out that the equipment isn’t working the way it should be the snorkels are leaking, that is a pity. Dirk has an old fashioned snorkel and this one works perfectly he sees some nice fish. After a short dive at the other side of the reef it is time for lunch. The wind begun picking up speed ad the sail is hoisted, this makes it a lot more fun, no noisy motor, the staff sets sail towards a small sandy island next to the reef. After they have created a tent which gives some shade on the island they carry the cool boxes with food and drinks towards the tent, it’s a real bounty island. We are laying on the beach and Jon is turning into the colour of last nights lobster. After an hour we sail back to the lodge its Tusker time.

Renzo and Jon are going to lay at the swimming pool and take an other dive. Dirk is doing some maintenance to the tford and Trudy is fixing the parasol which was torn apart.

At night again lobster for the men at the table, Trudy is taking the pizza again a great dinner.

After a lesson in jokeren from Dirk everybody is tired, quiet tiring a day of doing absolutely nothing


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One Response to September 29 – day 100

  1. Kees Tol says:

    Hoi Inge en Dirkjan

    Leuk verslag uit ‘WaarIsSalam-NouDaar’. We blijven jullie volgen en heel veel plezier met Dirk en Trudy.

    Gr. Kees

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