September 4 – day 75

Today we visited the Mursi tribe, these people live quite isolated in the inlands of Ethiopia so we have a tough drive over bad roads and several rivers. We drive with the Land rover and a hired Toyota Landcruiser, the hired chauffeur in the Landcruiser is not well prepared for one particular river crossing, the car slides back into the river as he is trying to ride uphill. Trudy is still in the car! With some help of a bulldozer they are towed out of the mud. Seeing that we set the Land rover in low gear with the diff lock on, 50 cm of water and after that steep uphill through the mud, not any problem for our car!
The surroundings are beautiful, the drive through a national park and see a lot of wildlife; dik dik (a very small kind of deer), birds and even a turtle crossing the road (I almost flatten it). After tree hours we reach the Mursi tribe, the men are decorated with scars and the women wear big disks in there lips. They are almost completely depended of tourism and the only thing they say is: photo photo. Every picture you take costs 5 bir a person (25 euro cents). It’s a shame we didn’t learn anything about there culture but altogether it was a very special day.

Casper & Arnaud

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