Stickadiles, Rockadiles and finally Crocodiles

Report 5 July
By Benno en Thecla

We have slept at the campsite at DainTree village and decide to go with a boat tour in the morning to see possible crocodiles from the boat. Dirk looks after the T-Ford after the Bloomfield track, which turns out to be okay. During this trip we see several crocodiles, kingfisher and species of cormorants and we hear a lot of interesting facts. They compare crocodiles with solar collectors, they need the sun for their energy. The lush vegetation of the rainforest from the water is extremely impressive. The river is wide and large and we also see many roots of mangrove forests, as it is close to the sea, and therefore provides some salt water.

Then we drive to the coast, where there is much more traffic, but also parts of rainforest that belong to UNESCO world heritage. Regularly we get a beautiful view from the road on pearly palm beaches, with in the back the rainforest. We decide to camp on the beach one night and on Ellis Beach, where we create a beautiful spot under the palm trees on the beach. In the evening we get a visit from a striped bird that seems to walk on stilts and makes the sound like someone is being killed. The Australians notice that these birds do this place every night. And with this reassuring thought, we are going to sleep.

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