Strange noises

Report 14 July
By Benno en Thecla

Departure from 1770. Dirk is happy that he has solid ground under his feet and his T-Ford can steer towards Bundaburg. However, ten kilometers ahead of this town there is suddenly a strange sound from the Model T-Ford. Dirk and Trudy do not trust it! Benno and Dirk look at the hallway of the rear axle and it does not seem to run completely smoothly. Oei. The men again refresh the oil of the differential and see to their great horror again enormous accretion of liquid gold in the oil. This should probably be the bronze axially lower again. What to do? (last time in Borroloola could also be driven with the liquid gold in the differential … Consultation …

The men crawl together in the car, the ladys in the Landrover and with adapted speed is still driven (60 km / per hour) to Woodgate Beach.

At the campsite we meet a lot of enthusiastic campers. They find it amazing what we do with this tour!

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