Sunset on Karumba Point

Report 27 June
By Benno en Thecla

We leave Floraville Downs. First we drive over a huge plain, where many cows graze. On the small pieces of gravel we are regularly overtaken by roadtrains which, although the T-Ford does a great job, make Dirk and Trudy completely disappear under clouds of dust. We regularly see wallybees and cranebirds again, and another doubtful serpent that reverses and disappears into the scrub. We make purchases in Normaton. We drive to Karumba and even Karumba Point (only place on this side of this Gulf, where we can see the sun sinking into the sea.) Low-flying the T-Ford goes to the coast, we can hardly keep up with the Land Rover . Just in time we move on to a terrace on the beach and see, while enjoying a drink and a culinary meal, the glorious sun sinking into the sea. Then looking for a campsite, because most were full. But we find a nice place on a small private campsite.

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