The flivver flash in living color

As already expressed in the daily summaries the Model-T team received a great welcome in the United States.

Some of the enthusiast responsible for this also prominently featured Dirk & Trudy in a their newsletter. Read about it in the June 2013 Newsletter and a flyer for the Cypress Historical Society Old Fashioned Picnic.

Thanks to Stan Hoekstra for providing the newsletter.

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2 Responses to The flivver flash in living color

  1. Toon Boer says:

    Hi Trudy en Dirk : we hebben je verslagen weer dagelijks gelezen en zo te zijn gaat de reis weer voorspoedig technisch gezien zeker . Ik denk dat jullie grootste probleem de tijd is. Door de gastvrijheid van al die mensen daar, die je van alles willen laten zien.En dan de BBQ’s en de ijs creams .
    We wensen jullie een hele goede reis en we blijven je volgen
    Ditty en Toon

  2. Frank Ross says:

    Dear Dirk and Trudy, We were honored by your visit and we had a wonderful time while you were here. We are glad we could get to meet you and your wonderful support teams and help you on your way for just a little while. Be safe and have a great time. Frank & Suk Hi Ross, Las Vegas

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