Trucks on the road

Report 27 February
By Steef

The roof tent is a comfortable space to sleep in.
The weather is reasonable when we get up for breakfast. In the distance is a white Bedford and smoke comes from the chimney. Curiously we walk there. The camper appears to be very modern with a small but efficient stainless steel stove where the owner occasionally burns pine cones. On the back is a rack with a herb garden. As usual, we exchange travel stories. Then it’s time to leave this campsite.

good morning

smoking camper

herbs on the back

the owners and us.

leaving camp Balmoral

The Lewis Pass is our first obstacle. The forest on both sides of the road is green, humid and mysterious. The high spotty trunks and mossy fallen trees dampened the smell of mushrooms and dead wood. Left and right we see impressive rivers in the depth. Road 7 is following the flanks of the hills. The big trucks are intimidating in the tight corners, this road is very busy because another road has been closed.

big truck

forest of the Lewis Pass

dark mottled tree trunks

At a narrow bridge over a quiet river I stop with the Landrover to wait for the Model T. In case of steeply rising or falling roads I usually ride up front. We stretch our legs by walking over the bridge that stops at a meadow with deer.

narrow bridge (turn your computer)

lazy river

deer (

During a second stop we take a walk up the hill, Dirk works for a moment under the Ford. The trees all bear large plumes of white moss.
At the Riverside Motorcamp we make our camp on the banks of a river. I prepare a campfire but it starts to rain. This fire is for the next visitor.

walk along a hill


Riverside Motorcamp


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