Undarra (means long road in the aborigine language

Report 7 July
By Benno en Thecla

After we reach the asphalt at Mount Garnet, we take the asphalt to Undarra Volcanic park to visit some lavatubes. Here we arrive late in the morning and can still book a tour.

We have lunch for a while and then we go on the road. The ranger gives an impressive explanation about the formation of these kilometers of underground tunnels, created with volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately, the longest of 126 kilometers is no longer intact, but there have been a number of collapses. The collapses can be recognized in the landscape by small tufts of rainforest that have arisen here and there in the landscape, between the ordinary vegetation.

Against the dark we arrive at a road junction on the back yard of the roadhouse. Here it is full of birds who are going to make a final cry for sleeping.

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