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Report26 February
By Steef

That was another wet night. Fortunately, the kitchen of this camp is well provided, we eat inside. After a visit from a journalist from the local newspaper, we are on our way again.

rain at night

monarch butterfly



The rivers are quite full, which is clearly visible when we drive over the many bridges. The water flows quickly and is gray from the sludge.

local flowers

Waimakariri river


We have lunch on the wide bed of the Hurunui river. To come there we have to drive down on a steep road.

yellow bird

lunchbreak at the Hurunui river

Hurunui river

Occasionally the Land Rover is leading because of the steep hills.
Slowly the clouds give way to the sun.At the Balmoral campsite we can even dine in the sun.


wet towl

The Landrover up front


Balmoral Camping

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