Wednesday August 21st

Edit by Dirk

Today Trudy will come back from Holland, after 4 weeks with her children and grand children.

Dirk cleans the roof tent and in the afternoon he went to the airport, were Trudy will arrive at 5.15 PM.

Dirk parks the Model T in the front of the exit of the airport, what is prohibited of course.

3 men of the security come to the Model T; not to say that parking is prohibited here, but to make pictures.

At 5.30 PM Trudy comes out of the airport and the meeting again is heart warming.

arrival Trudy

arrival Trudy

Via a city tour through Thunder Bay and doing some shopping, Dirk brings Trudy to the campsite to rest a little bit after a long, but very good trip from Holland to Canada.

In the evening we have an appointment with Dielof and Fred in the town to have diner together.

A good moment to say good bye and say thanks for being our support crew for the last 4 weeks.

Dielof and Fred have decided to continue there trip to Toronto the next days by the intercity bus.

saying good bye 1

saying good bye 1

saying good bye 2

saying good bye 2

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