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  1. Michael Mullis schreef:

    How close will your route be to Charlotte, NC?
    My wife and I own a 1916 T and would love to intersect your route and follow along for a mile or two (if possible)

    • Dirk Regter schreef:

      Hello Michael,

      thank you for your invitation.
      This moment I really do not know our travel schedule in New Carolina because if we will be there that will be in November of this year. So I will advise you to follow our tour on our website. But when we will be close to Charlotte NC, we will visit you.


  2. It would be a great pleasure to have you visit with our Model T group. We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Feel free to call me at 505-688-1979.

    • Dirk Regter schreef:


      Thank you for your invitation to visit your Model T group, but unfortunately we don’t visit Albuquerque. Our route is to go from El Paso more to the west and than up to Flagstaff.


  3. Garry Potter schreef:

    When will you be coming through Ontario Canada.?What is your planned route through Ontario Canada? Our group of antique car enthusuasts would like to meet you or include you in one of local tours

    • Dirk Regter schreef:

      Hello Garry,

      Thank you for your invitation to visit your antique car club.
      Our travel schedule is to visit the SOS Village in Chicago, but I do not exactly know when. After Chicago we want to go to Ontario.
      Let’s keep in contact.


  4. Hello,

    We would love to give you some publicity for your tour through the southeast and northeast. List your scheduled stops, post photos and videos with the link to your site and publicize SOS Children’s Villages International and your goal.

    Pam Hirschhorn 717 933-0222
    Mike Thies 770 883-0160

    • Dirk Regter schreef:

      Hello Pam,

      Our travel schedule is chancing from day to day, so it is difficult to give you our scheduled stops.
      I appreciate it that you will give publicity to our project. Your are free to pick up any thing you want from our website. There you can find photo’s of our trip through Africa and in the States until now. Also some video’s are on our website.


  5. Rick Black schreef:

    Approximately when will you be going through El Paso? There’s a Horseless Carriage club there and a Model A Ford club in Las Cruces, not too far away. I’ll relay the information to them.

  6. Bruce Duncan schreef:

    I hope I haven’t missed you. Are you coming to Sydney, Australia? If so, can you give me an idea when this might be. I am a member of a number of car clubs and we would like to make you welcome and arrange some publicity and events with you.

    What a fabulous adventure you are on !!!

  7. GENIN CHIAPPE schreef:


  8. barry retherford schreef:

    Hi guys, seen you driving along in my little part of the world today. I live just north of the route you taking today. I live northeast of Indianapolis. Where is highway 67 taking you? And I will now follow your travels. I’m sure you have seen a lot of pretty countryside moving along at a more comfortable pace, have fun and a safe tour. Thanks Barry

  9. tom howard schreef:

    Hi there,

    We had the opportunity to be camped across from you yesterday in Algonquin park…good luck with your trip…it was a great moment for us to have been able to see you on your travels…

    All the best,


  10. Bob Hiser schreef:

    Met you on a rainy day in Monroe, Michigan. Will be following your progress. May all luck be with you. This would be a real dream trip.

  11. Dan Hatch schreef:

    Saw on the MTFCA Forum that you will be at Coker Tire this Sunday. You may want to go on south to Moultrie Ga for the big swap meet on Nov 22-24.

  12. Frank Schmidt schreef:

    Spotted the model-t crossing the Ohio river into Kentucky this afternoon, and that gorgeous support Landy. If you have issues with the defender while in town hit us up at

  13. Sam Humphries schreef:

    Dirk and Trudy, Sorry we missed you in Paris, KY. Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

    San and Eleanor

  14. Sam Humphries schreef:

    Go up on Sunday and called Dirk and learned that they had spent the night in London, Ky. Just 80 miles south so Eleanor and I made the journey and got to meet to wonderful people. Did not get to spend much time but enough to hand over 2 KY plates.

    One of the most enjoyable short trips we have taken.

    Eleanor and Sam

  15. Anthony Hearnsberger schreef:

    What a pleasure it was getting to meet y’all as y’all passed through Warren, AR. My wife and I will be following the rest of y’all’s journey and praying for safe travels.

    Anthony & Holly Hearnsberger
    Warren, AR

  16. Soy periodista de Canelones URUGUAY , apasionado del modelo T he realizado algunos viajes cortos junto a un amigo que tiene un 1923, ya he publicado algunas notas sobre vuestro viaje , agradezco informar cuando se aproximen a Uruguay para dar difusión ,

  17. Les felicito por la gira mundial en este maravilloso auto , soy periodista de una Diario de Canelones URUGUAY, agradezco informar fecha de arribo a URUGUAY, ya he publicado algunas notas los esperamos …..

  18. Nestor BOIDI "Don Cachila" schreef:

    Bienvenidos a Sud America, les escribo desde Canelones Uruguay, soy periodista , en este momento estoy convaleciente de una operación pero creo que en un mes estaré en la redacción para informarle a los simpatizantes de la LAS CACHILAS” como les decimos en URUGUAY a las FORD T //Buena ruta

  19. enriquegardeaalarcon schreef:

    que disfruten su aventura son mis deseos desde delicias chihuahua mexico, pais de todo lo posible

  20. Mitch Taylor schreef:

    Hi Dirk,
    My name is Mitch Taylor, I’m the creator of

    Great to see your Model T back on the road again, I’d love to meet you when you come to Australia, I see on your map that your route comes right past where I live… It would be great to get a photo with your Model T, and my Model T together. What a fantastic journey for a great cause, to help the children – great work 🙂

    Best regards,
    Mitch Taylor

    PS. I sent an email to you via your website, I’m not sure if it got through.

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  22. Faruk schreef:

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