Yes or no??

Report 8 february
by : Steven

The day started with a clear blue sky and that would remain so until the evening.
Dirk and Steef experience a few exciting hours because the two cars still have to go through the technical inspection.
The Land Rover, now with new headlamps, is immediately approved.
After a cup of coffee at home they go back to the inspection station and now with the Model T.There it appears that the license plate is already in use in New Zealand. No problem, the ZZ changes into VZ (on paper) .

license plate becomes VZ

Steer clearance

steering wheel test

Steve checks the headlights.
The auxcillary headlights are considered acceptable.

headlight test

Undersite inspection

underside inspection

Meanwhile, the trip is being discussed because Steve finds it very interesting.

about the tour

The gentlemen deliberate.

3 faces


Finally, the brake test must be done at a speed of 20 miles.
Steve puts a device in a wooden box on the bottom of the Ford.
On his mark Dirk kicks hard on the brake. The tires leave a brake track on the asphalt.
You can smell the rubber Dirk calls. 
The meter reads 40% which is acceptable for a vehicle only operation on two wheels.

break test

Finally, the important stickers are stuck on the window on a place that does not obstruct the view, just find an empty space.

sticker 1

sticker 2

There he is finally, the warrant of fitness.

Warrant of fitness

At 11 o’clock they are ready and free to go , thanks to Steve and Annete, no worry mate!

OK by Steve and Anette

Greetje and Trudy are still in the supermarket so now we can pick them up with the Ford.
After lunch, Trudy and Dirk mess around in the afternoon while Greetje and Steef visit the center of Christchurch. The windy city it is one big construction site.
Steef wanted to see the cardboard cathedral, designed by a Japanese after the big earthquake of 2011 and he wanted a hat because of the UV radiation.
At the cathedral there is a memorial for the victims consisting of 185 white chairs, for each victim one. Sit down and be silent for a moment.

cardboard cathedral

(turn your computer)

victims memorial



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Arrival first support team

Report 7 February
By Trudy

Today, the LandRover needs a VINZ Vehicle Inspection New Zealand.
You can not just drive around with your temporarily imported car!

Vehicle Inspection New Zealand

The inspection is going well, but there are problems with the position of the headlights: these are adjusted to drive on the right and you dazzle the oncoming traffic here in New Zealand because we drive here on the left.
This can only be remedied by placing new headlights.

down uner

So …… to a garage.

auto shop KVZ

They order headlights for us, but that will take a while before they are there. That’s why we first go to the airport. Steef and Greetje Reilingh arrive in Christchurch this afternoon. They are our support team in New Zealand.
We are glad that they are there.

First we welcome them in our garden house at Kathryn Smith and then Dirk and Steef go to the garage to install the new headlights.

Headlight change


Headlight change 2

Steef and Dirk then go back to the inspection station with the new headlights.
The station is already closed so tomorrow morning they will try again.

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The cars arrived!!!

Report 5 February   
By Dirk

Today we hope to be able to pick up the cars.
We were informed that we had to wait for a phone call, because we were not allowed to be present when the cars were unloaded.
We did not wait for a phone call, but we went there by bus.
But before we left Trudy saw a special bird in the garden. She thought: a Takahe, a rare bird in New Zealand.
Black with a purple glow on the feathers. High on the legs and a red beak.
However, it turned out to be a Pukeko, an unpopular bird among farmers because he eats the grain and makes the piece. It remains a beautiful bird for Trudy.


On to the cars.
When we arrive at the site we see the container open, but no cars to be seen.
When we walk into the office, we meet a lady from the MPI, the department of customs who inspects whether the cars are clean and have no vermin on them. She gives us a compliment that the cars are so clean. Joepie, that’s a boost.

passed inspection

Paperwork has to be done first.


The Landrover did not want to start; what diesel in it but not yet start.
But with the help of jumper cables and a forklift truck, he di dit.

no starting

The T-Ford had fewer problems with it. After 4 times cranking the engine ran: the Ford apparently is really looking forward to go for New Zealand.

out of the container

The tires must still be put on tension after 8 weeks at sea.

tire presure 1

tire presure 2

On to our holiday home. The first meters on New Zealand soil.
First refuel and pay attention, they drive here on the left side.

home 1

home 2

Tomorrow the team will come for the Landrover: Steef and Greetje Reilingh and then the travel adventure in New Zealand can begin!!!

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To the port of Lyttelton

Report 4 February
By Trudy

On Friday night the boat would arrive with our container in the port of Lyttelton. To know if the boat is there, we go to the port by bus.

port of Lyttelton

We step out of the bus and see ……………. the container boat!
Of course we do not see our container, but the boat is unloaded and the trucks with containers are driving in and out.


Tomorrow we hope to pick up the cars. Exciting!!!

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Visiting classic-car friends

Report 3 February
By Dirk

Today we are invited by Chris Dyer to visit a couple of classic-car friends.
But first some shopping and what is there in the shop????  Edam cheese.
Of course we bought a piece of it.

The first we visit are Pieter and Carrol; they have a vineyard but also a couple of beautiful cars.

Trudy in the vine yard

Pieter and his friend Thierry are busy with the restoration of a 1911 Model T two-sitter and a 1912 touring.

1911 Two-sitter

touring 1912

Then we visit Thom and Jenny Stephens.
Thom has several old-timers including a Scottish Argyll from 1905.

Argyll 1905

His sun Chris Stephens has a beautiful 1909 Model T touring with production number 671.
This is one of the few so-called two-liver T-Fords that are still there.
After a few slogging, the engine ran very nice.
Also special for the connoisseurs are the “one piece spindles”.

1909 2-lever Model T

one piece spindle

After this visit we went to John Irving.
John has, among other things, a beautiful 1914 Speedster.
John invited Dirk to take a ride. The Speedster makes the sound of a Harley Davidson because of the special exhaust and this in combination with a lot of wind it seemed like we drove a 100 km/ph.

speedster 1914

John and Dirk

Seeing so much old stuff makes you hungry and Rosemary’s had made a great meal.
But first have a look at the barn of Chris and yes, here is another restoration project.
A Cadillac from 1918 is under construction there. A huge chassis with huge axles.
A challenging project for the coming years. (turn your computer a qaurter clock wise)

Cadillac 1918

diner with Chris and Rosemary



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A couple of days in Christchurch

Report 29 Januari untill 2 February
By Trudy

We have met friends of Kathryn. They come from the village Twizel in the south. When we pass by them we are invited to have diner with them. A pleasant prospect.
We have send our first postcards to our grandchildren.
We picked up the paperwork for the cars at the Customs at the Airport. They are signed and oké.
On our way back home Trudy hide herself behind a totempole.

totem pole

Kelvin Finlay picked us up to show his classic car collection. All very rare cars, most one of a kind, called  “orphan cars”.


We made a city tour through Christchurch and saw the destroyed  buildings because of the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.


At Friday on the square near the Cathedrale there are a lot of foodcars. You can eat food from several countries and it the taste is very good, especialy with the summer sun in your face.

footcars at the square




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Picknick ride in an Unic Delivery 1912

Report 28 January
By Dirk

Today we are invited for a picnic ride by The Veteran Car club of New Zealand in Ohoka; a place slightly above Christchurch.
When we arrive there, a Spyker from 1907 stands in the verge. Unbelievable, a Spyker in the wild. This is owned by a man who’s name is also Spyker and is related to the Spyker brothers from the famous Dutch car brand from the beginning of the last century.

Spyker 1907

In the barn of Kelvin Finlay is a car of a brand unknown to me; a Krit from around 1913. Upon inquiry Krit is a car brand from Detroit from the beginning of the last century.
The swastika on the emblem does a bit strange, but the car is from afar before the 2nd World War, so then apparently that was possible.


Trudy and I can ride the picknic ride with Tim Palmen in a Unic Delivery from 1912.
The coach of this French car was built at the time by a coach builder in Christchurch.

Tim & Dirk

Trudy is in the back and has a lot of space.
Tim and Dirk are “on the box”.

Unic Delivery 1912

There are also a few tough T-Fords along: a Touring from 1915 and a Delivery, also from 1915.

Model T 1915

Model T Delivery 1915

Afterwards we have a nice chat and Dirk and Ron Duckworth have the greatest fun.

Dirk & Ron have fun


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Day of rest

Report 27 January
By Trudy

We have slept very well in our gardenhotel and today we have a day of rest.
Dirk is sitting in the shade and in the lee, reading a book.
The sun is warm and the wind blows around the house.



There is always wind here, but fortunately not so heavy as in Patagonia.
In the afternoon we take look in the garage with the collection old timers of Kathryn.


In the garage we see a lot of vintage cars including some beautiful Model T’s.

a lot of Model T’s

Our Model T will feel at home with this collection in Christchurch.

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New Zealand here we are!!

Report 26 January
By Trudy

After a good flight of 9 hours we arrive at the airport of Christchurch.
A flight of total 22 hours is one thing but to get into New Zealand is another adventure.
Dogs will sniff all your things to make sure you do not have any food or plants with you.
At the handbag of Trudy the dog became very enthusiastic and the bag must be completely empty. In the bag was a flower that she brought from Singapore.
Fortunately it was a small flower, otherwise she would have had to pay a fine of NZD 400.


Kathryn Smith of the Veteran Car Club of New Zealand picked us up from the airport.
During our stay in Christchurch for the next 1,5 week we can stay in her gardenhouse.

our garden hotel

We came in contact with Kathryn by our friend Chris Bamford who we met in Edmonton in Canada.
As you see the classic car world is a small and friendly world.It is a beautiful place to have 1,5 week of holiday to wait fort he cars.

inside our garden hotel

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Up to New Zealand

Report 25 January
By Trudy

After a good flight of 12 hours we land in Singapore. We are picked up by Maud, a friend of our daughter Rozemarijn, who lives in Singapore.
It is very hot, 33 degrees Celcius and a high humidity.
Maud shows us some highlights of this big city.


After the city tour we have diner with Maud and her family


After diner Maud and her children Bruce and Gwen brings us to the airport.
At 10 PM we check in to flye to New Zealand.
New Zealand here we come…!!!!!!


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