Buy (a part of) a country

If you buy a country or a part of a country, your name will be mentioned (if you wish) on the website.
The minimum amount in this option is 100 miles for 300 USD.

Country Miles Sold miles
Russia 1875  1182
Mongolia 1875  180
Altai 188  
Kazakhstan 1125  
Kirgistan 688  
Tadzjikistan 281 sold to:
The Old Boys Friends
Uzbekistan 375  
Turkmenistan 280  
Iran 1250  
Turkey 1563  


Country Miles Sold miles
Bulgaria 310  
Romania 500  
Hungary 310  
Slovakia 310 sold to: RobKa
Czech 310  
Germany 435 sold to:
Holland 180 sold to:

Total 11855 2558


I support this sponsor campaign and I want to buy miles.

As a thank you, you will receive a unique Model T Worldtour certificate with your name and the number of miles purchased.

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